Azariah Organics provides top rated training


Azariah is known for its passion for producing brilliant highly qualified experienced staff. Our students are guaranteed to find work immediately after training

2 exceptional students will stand a chance to be hired on a part-time basis by Azariah Organic cosmetics and lifestyle.

Make Azariah Organic cosmetics and lifestyle part of your success Learn the latest permanent & semi-permanent makeup techniques at Azariah Organics  In a matter of days, you can go from learning the basics to mastering advanced techniques and getting certified.

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We pride ourselves in giving the high class estheticians, we ensure that each student gets individual attention and are well equipped after completion of each  training. Please note that Azariah Organic cosmetics and lifestyle is a registered company and is a member of SAAHSP (South African association of health and skin care professionals)

Our courses



The Nail Technician program prepares students to become trained professionals in a growing industry

A nail technician is an opportunity  to learn new skills. This area focuses specifically on nail technology, use of nail products,nail health, and nail care.It teaches individuals who to give pedicures and manicures, treat nails, and provide for improvement in overall hand and feet health.
Training Cost:R 3000
Includes :free basic startup kit



intensive course encompassing a comprehensive overview of all aspects of facials

If you are thinking of starting a career in the beauty industry we will open the door to being able to deliver the very best treatment for you to deliver to your clients.We will help you get a much better understanding of skincare, skincare ingredients and all the processes involved in delivering an amazing facial treatment.

Training Cost : R 6,500.

Eyelash extensions

Start your extreme career ,Enroll now tobegin your new careeer in eyelash extensions

Learn the fundamentals, core techniques, and business building strategies necessary to become a successful Lash Stylist by enrolling in our 1-2 Weeks hands-on Lash  Training in SA.Receive personalized attention from skilled Trainers in a professional setting to learn, practice, and demonstrate your skills on live models with confidence.

Training Cost : R 1600



We welcome you to join us and journey into mastery of microblading!


Our microblading training consists of Weekly package of 1-2 Weeks.  Whether you are completely new to the industry, or a skilled artist looking to expand services and grow business, our intensive 1 week training is perfect for you.

Training Cost : R 7000

Training packages

Monthly package full course can be extended by 2 week for  free

Nails, facials/skin care and client services   R13000

Facials/ skin care, microblading and client service    R15000

Individual eyelashes, nails & microblading       R14060






More information on trainings schedule is available via Phone call /email