About us

Who is Azariah organic cosmetics & lifestyle ?

We are a registered cosmetic & lifestyle co. Operating under SAAHSP code of conducts.
We are a black owned company & 100% BEEE

Mission Statement:

To resolve challenges and symptoms caused by the harsh environment, lifestyle unbalanced hormonal stresses, and most of all to educate our people about their skin. 

“We aim to positively touch everyone’s lives,  even when we may not 100% change everyone’s physical appearance but strive to instill love, confidence, and acceptance for oneself. 

To always put the wellbeing and safety of my client first by supplying safe, approved products, environment, and services. 

Competitive Advantage

Repetition of genuine empathy, and providing superior services

Convenience: to meet and deliver services/products to each and every client daily at their convenience

Ambiance Azariah business is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to giving relaxing, professional service, warm and welcoming. Every client gets special individual treatment, regardless of age, race and economic status everyone is treated with respect, love and empathy.  

“We pride ourselves to provide highly empathetic service as we have been through most of the skin conditions that the most suffer from today so we know and we understand.” 

Azariah organic cosmetics and lifestyle ultimate goal is to heal every skin conditions, to make client happy and becoming in harmony with who they really are beyond the skin conditions. We – Azariah organic cosmetics and lifestyle serves people of all, ages, religions, race and economical standards hence we offer affordable prices for our services and products.

I understand a teenager who is not happy at school as she is not treated kindly because of her/his skin, I was that teenager.  A woman who has not had acne on her face, now suddenly she has acne on her face I understand that because I am that woman. I also understand a confusing feeling of a very dry skin while oily and not knowing which skin care type of a product to choose from and end up just picking Vaseline. All these experiences taught me so much about skin most of all it taught me empathy. I understand what you are going through because I have gone through the same. Skin conditions is beyond skin problem however it becomes a psychological issue. Azariah skincare understands that hence our focus is to engage with you from the first contacts to healing. We tell you it going to be alright because yes it will be alright! Skin conditions are temporary with any condition we trust God to use us for your healing. Our skin goals is to help you achieve healthy skin. People are unique so is their skin. Because people’s skins are not the same Azariah organic skin care formulate products that are specially made for your individual needs. We do not do shelving.

Beyond our skincare procedures and selling products we offer our clients emotional support as we work together towards achieving their skin goals.

Zandile Mngadi  


Clients Reviews

This is how my skin looks when I use your products no make up just glow and it only been a month
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Azariah at Grand daisy Suite 11, 1st floor 135 Daisy Street Sandton

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Mon - Sat: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

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